How 39 major businesses use Instagram stories

How 39 Major Businesses Use Instagram Stories

In the era of visual storytelling, Instagram has taken the lead as a platform for businesses to engage and connect with their audiences. Among its features, Instagram Stories have emerged as a dynamic tool for companies to showcase their products, share behind-the-scenes content, and foster brand loyalty. This comprehensive blog post will explore how 39 major businesses leverage Instagram Stories to captivate and inspire followers. Whether you’re a marketer looking for inspiration or a user interested in how your favorite brands use this feature, we’ve got you covered.

Why Instagram Stories Matter for Businesses

Why Instagram Stories Matter For Businesses

Before we jump into the exciting world of Instagram Stories, let’s understand why this feature is a game-changer for businesses:

  1. Ephemeral and Engaging: Instagram Stories are temporary, lasting only 24 hours. This creates a sense of urgency and excitement among followers, prompting them to stay engaged with your content.
  2. Visual Appeal: Stories rely heavily on visuals, making them perfect for showcasing products, events, and your brand’s personality.
  3. Interactive: Businesses can use interactive features such as polls, questions, and quizzes to engage with their audience directly.
  4. Increased Visibility: Stories appear at the top of users’ feeds, making them easily accessible. Plus, they can be discovered through hashtags and geolocation, increasing your reach.

Now, let’s explore how 39 major businesses utilize Instagram Stories to their advantage:

1. National Geographic (@natgeo)

The iconic brand uses Instagram Stories to offer a sneak peek into the world of wildlife and exploration. They bring their mission of protecting the planet to life through captivating visuals and videos.

2. Nike (@nike)

Nike leverages Instagram Stories to launch new products, promote athletic events, and share motivational content. They also use the “swipe up” feature to drive traffic to their online store.

3. Starbucks (@starbucks)

Starbucks showcases its creative concoctions through Instagram Stories, enticing coffee lovers with beautifully shot images and exclusive promotions.

4. NASA (@nasa)

As a space exploration pioneer, NASA provides stunning glimpses of the cosmos via Instagram Stories. They use this feature to educate and inspire their followers about the mysteries of the universe.

5. Airbnb (@airbnb)

Airbnb takes viewers on virtual tours of unique accommodations worldwide, enticing travelers with beautiful visuals and inspiring them to book their next stay.

6. GoPro (@gopro)

As a brand known for capturing thrilling adventures, GoPro uses Instagram Stories to showcase user-generated content highlighting their product’s capabilities in extreme environments.

7. Mercedes-Benz (@mercedesbenz)

Mercedes-Benz’s Instagram Stories give viewers a glimpse into the luxury and performance of their vehicles. They also use interactive elements like polls and questions to engage their audience.

8. H&M (@hm)

H&M’s Stories offers a mix of fashion inspiration, behind-the-scenes content, and announcements about their latest collections. They use stories to create buzz around new releases.

9. Oreo (@oreo)

Oreo uses Instagram Stories to engage with followers through creative contests, showcasing fan-submitted recipes and unique ways to enjoy their cookies.

10. Red Bull (@redbull)

Red Bull’s Stories are an adrenaline rush, featuring extreme sports, daring stunts, and captivating moments from their sponsored events.

11. Adobe (@adobe)

Adobe uses Instagram Stories to share design tips, highlight the work of creative professionals, and give users a sneak peek into the Adobe suite of products.

12. GoDaddy (@godaddy)

GoDaddy’s Stories feature interviews with entrepreneurs, website design tips, and inspirational success stories from small businesses using their services.

13. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope (@nasahubble)

This extension of NASA uses Instagram Stories to share awe-inspiring images of distant galaxies, nebulae, and celestial phenomena. It educates and inspires space enthusiasts.

14. Airbnb Experiences (@airbnbexperiences)

Airbnb Experiences uses Instagram Stories to promote unique travel experiences, showing viewers diverse activities available through their platform.

15. Google (@google)

Google’s Stories feature everything from doodles celebrating significant events to interesting facts about the company’s history and innovations.

16. The New York Times (@nytimes)

The New York Times uses Instagram Stories to provide quick, visually engaging news updates covering various topics and stories.

17. Gucci (@gucci)

Gucci offers followers an inside look at fashion events, the making of their luxury products, and exclusive interviews with designers and influencers.

18. Ford (@ford)

Ford’s Stories showcase the latest car models, interactive features to engage with their audience, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the company’s manufacturing process.

19. Spotify (@spotify)

Spotify’s Stories are all about music discovery. They highlight new releases, artist spotlights, and playlists curated for different moods and occasions.

20. Airbnb Magazine (@airbnbmag)

Airbnb Magazine’s Stories offers travel inspiration, tips for explorers, and stunning images from their publication, enticing travelers to embark on new adventures.

21. NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory (@nasachandraxray)

This NASA observatory specializes in capturing X-ray images of the universe. Their stories feature captivating visual content and educational insights about celestial phenomena.

22. Etsy (@etsy)

Etsy uses Instagram Stories to highlight unique and handmade products, connecting shoppers with artisans and their creations.

23. Target (@target)

Target’s Stories are a mix of product spotlights, lifestyle inspiration, and seasonal promotions, giving followers a glimpse of what’s available at their stores.

24. National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel)

This offshoot of National Geographic shares stunning travel photography and tales of adventure worldwide in their stories.

25. Airbnb Design (@airbnbdesign)

Airbnb Design’s Stories provides an inside look at the company’s design process, featuring interviews with designers, artists, and creatives.

26. IKEA (@ikeausa)

IKEA uses Instagram Stories to offer design inspiration, showcase their furniture in real homes, and share organizational tips.

27. NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (@nasagoddard)

The Goddard Space Flight Center offers a deeper dive into space exploration, sharing the work and discoveries of NASA through captivating visuals and educational insights.

28. Airbnb Community (@airbnbcommunity)

Airbnb Community’s Stories spotlight hosts and travelers’ incredible journeys and stories within the Airbnb network.

29. Under Armour (@underarmour)

Under Armour’s Stories focuses on fitness and performance, showcasing workout routines, athlete stories, and product promotions.

30. Airbnb Plus (@airbnbplus)

Airbnb Plus uses Instagram Stories to offer exclusive glimpses into luxury stays and stunning accommodations through their premium service.

31. NASA’s Juno Mission (@nasajuno)

The Juno Mission’s stories provide a close-up view of Jupiter and the spacecraft’s journey to explore the giant planet.

32. Airbnb Luxe (@airbnbluxe)

Airbnb Luxe’s stories highlight extravagant and luxurious travel experiences featuring stunning properties worldwide.

33. Airbnb TV (@airbnbtv)

Airbnb TV’s Stories takes viewers behind the scenes of their documentary series, showcasing unique travel experiences and destinations.

34. Airbnb Help (@airbnbhelp)

Airbnb Help’s Stories are focused on customer support and assistance, answering common questions, and addressing user concerns.

35. NASA’s SpaceX (@spacex)

The SpaceX account, which collaborates with NASA, offers a peek into the world of space exploration, featuring rocket launches, space missions, and captivating imagery.

36. Airbnb News (@airbnbnews)

Airbnb News provides updates, press releases, and news related to the company’s initiatives and global community.

37. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (@nasa_webb)

The James Webb Space Telescope shares stories documenting progress and fascinating insights into the next-generation space telescope.

38. Airbnb Open Homes (@airbnbopenhomes)

Airbnb Open Homes’ Stories feature heartwarming stories of hosts who provide free housing to people in times of need.

39. (@airbnb_org)’s stories showcase their humanitarian efforts and partnerships to support communities affected by disasters and emergencies.

Each business demonstrates a unique approach to Instagram Stories, catering to its target audience’s interests and needs. By harnessing the transient nature of this feature, they engage with their followers in a more personal, interactive, and creative way.


Instagram Stories have become an indispensable tool for businesses to connect with their audience in the visual age of social media. Major brands, like the ones we’ve explored in this blog post, utilize Instagram Stories to:

  1. Showcase their products and services.
  2. Offer a behind-the-scenes look at their operations.
  3. Engage with their audience through interactive features.
  4. Provide inspiration and lifestyle content.
  5. Share captivating visual narratives.

By understanding how these major businesses leverage Instagram Stories, you can draw inspiration for your marketing efforts, whether promoting a product or service or simply looking to connect with your audience on a more personal level. As the world of social media continues to evolve, Instagram Stories remain a valuable avenue for businesses to tell their stories, nurture brand loyalty, and stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

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